Wholsale & Retail Trading

Hageegee Bodu Sale is a genuine sale shop where customers can find a diverse range of products and cheap, affordable prices. Located at perhaps the busiest intersection in the capital city, Hageegee Bodu Sale’s loyal customer base has been maintained for over a decade of impeccable service and quality products at cheap prices.


MRH Investments also engages in the transport sector through the operation of our ‘Havaru’ speedboat in Southern Maldives. The launch possesses a capacity of 19 passengers and 3 crew members. The speedboat frequently makes trips within Gaaf Dhaal islands and is often hired by individuals, companies and organizations.


Havodigalaa is an island spanning 7.4 hectares in the atoll of Gaaf Dhaal. The island has been managed and maintained by MRH Investments for the past 40 years. When the island was awarded, the island was nothing more than a bank of sand and not a single coconut palm was to be seen. With hard work and dedication spearheaded by the founder of MRH Investments, Mohamed Rashad Hussain, the island is now thriving with lush vegetation.

Tuna Export

Maldives has tremendously abundant wealth of marine life. Our list of products comprises of both reef and deep ocean and that includes Tuna loins, frozen fish, reef fish, smoked fish and canned tuna. We take pride in making available the highest quality of products to worldwide markets.

MRH Construction

A subsidiary of MRH Investments, MRH Constructions has property portfolio across the country. We have been providing our clients with cost effective solutions to their construction challenges. MRH Constructions specializes in development of commercial, institutional and residential projects.

Waste Management

We provide waste management machinery and vehicles to Atolls across the Maldives.

About Us

Established in 1987 with one clothing apparel store, we built a market-leading reputation for exceptional customer service, good quality, variety of selection, and unbelievably low prices. As a result, we have become the most well-known and established apparel retailers in Maldives.

Our largest procurement & import market is China, followed by Thailand, Dubai, Indonesia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. We are always looking for new products and new markets to provide our customers the value for money and fulfill their needs and wants. Our number one priority is our customers, and to serve our customers better, we went great lengths to centralize our businesses by incorporating MRH Investments Private Limited as a holding company for all our businesses.

Latest News

Investing in the Maldives

The Maldives has an open and liberal economic system, political stability and consistant economic growth.


Internationally reputed tourism industry, rich marine biodiversity and unique island environment.


An extensive air transport network with 4 international airports, 5 domestic airports


Advanced telecommunication and ICT coverage, with well connected broadband coverage

Going Green

Committed to environmental preservation and green methods of development

Human Resource

A dynamic, educated and youthful workforce, a ready catapult for economic development


Strategic geographical location at the heart of the Indian Ocean

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